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The museum, located in the small town of Verkhnaya (Upper) Pyshma (about 1 km north of Yekaterinburg) is one of the most interesting museums of military vehicles, not only in the Urals, but throughout Russia.

Rare examples of armored vehicles of the Second World War in surprisingly good condition, as well as continued expansion of the exposition make the museum a truly unique destination for fans of history and technology, as well as for everyone else too. The entrance is free.

Military vehicles museum, Verkhnaya Pyshma, Russia photo 1


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The bird’s-eye views of Ekaterinburg city

Ekaterinburg (from 1942 till 1991 – Sverdlovsk) is the fourth largest city in Russia (after MoscowSaint-Petersburg and Novosibirsk), an administrative center of Sverdlovsk oblast.

The city is one of the largest financial and business centers in Russia, offices of transnational corporations are located here as well as representations of foreign companies, a great number of federal and regional financial institutions.

Ekaterinburg city, Russia view 1


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Ekaterinburg city aerial views

Ekaterinburg is the fourth largest city of Russia with the population over 1,3 million people; the city located in Sverdlovsk oblast is known as the “Capital of Ural”. The following photos of Ekaterinburg were taken by dedmaxopka in March, 2011.

Ekaterinburg city, Russia aerial view 1


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