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The White Sea is an inland sea located in the north of the European part of Russia (washes the shores of Karelia and Arkhangelsk region), refers to the Arctic Ocean. Of the seas surrounding Russia, the White Sea is one of the smallest. The average water depth is 67 meters. All the sea is internal waters of Russia.

The temperature of the surface layer of sea water varies greatly depending on the season in different parts of the sea. In winter the temperature of the White Sea surface water is about -1,3 … -1,7 ° C in the center and north of the sea, up to -0,5 … -0,7 ° C in the bays. Photos by borh-84

The White Sea nature, Russia photo 1


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The beauty of the Russian North

Stunning views of the nature of the Russian North are dazzling. For example, these landscapes in the area of Kandalaksha Bay, one of the four major bays of the White Sea, are amazing.

The bay is located in the Murmansk region and Karelia in the northwest Russia. Kandalaksha Reserve is situated in the bay area. This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Russia. Photos by Mikhail Grizli

The beauty of the Russian North photo 1


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Karelia Republic is a remarkably beautiful land of white nights, boundless forests, and blue lakes. Karelia is located on the border of Western and Eastern Europe, on the border of cultures and religions.

Severe beauty of Karelia Republic nature, the climate, not too favorable in these latitudes, the coexistence and intermingling of various peoples inhabiting this land for centuries, all that conditioned the character of the people living here: very laconic, self-assured, contemplative, and tolerant people.




Vodlozersky national park sceneries

Vodlozerye is ancient historical area of Russian North, rich in original culture, which is presented in traditions of aboriginal population and remarkable works of wooden architecture. Vodlozero national park is located in Karelia Republic and Arkhangelsk oblast of the country.

In 2001, by decree of UNESCO, the park received a status of biosphere reserve, first in the system of national parks of Russia. Here are several pictures of the park captured by pomor-land (all the photos are clickable).

Vodlozersky national park, Russia view 1


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The beauty of Karelia Republic nature

Karelia Republic located on the Russian northwest on the border with Finland is one of the most beautiful places of Russia and may be called a large national park of the country. The following photos captured by nub1an can be one of the proofs of this statement (all the pictures are clickable).

Karelia Republic, Russia nature view





Small provincial town in Russia

The town of Kem’ received the status of town in 1785 and is located about 440 km from Petrozavodsk city, Karelia Republic, Russia. The following video by Alexander Batenkov offers various sceneries of typical Russian small town life.