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Kineshma is a town (since 1777) with a population of about 77 thousand people, located in the northeastern part of Ivanovo Oblast, about 400 km northeast of Moscow. In 2010, it was included in the list of historical settlements of federal significance.

The town stands on the right bank of the Volga stretching along it for more than 11 kilometers. In Kineshma, both ordinary urban buildings of the 19th century and a number of architectural sights of the 19th – early 20th centuries have been preserved.

Architecture of Kineshma, Ivanovo Oblast, Russia, photo 1

feel the vibe of the old Russian merchant town


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4 Tips for Successful Sports Betting

Have you done sports betting? It’s fun and simple because it allows you to make money as you entertain yourself. But for first-timers, don’t rush off to start staking or waging as it is not easy to earn or win when you are starting. Don’t approach any sports betting in the wrong way, because you will not enjoy it and make a profit. You have not pushed away from betting; it only trims you to a high chance of winning real money. This article provides successful tips for gamblers while betting. Here are the nuanced tips for successful sports betting.

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