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Voronezh monuments

Voronezh Platonov Monument

Platonov’s Monument was unveiled on the Centenary of his birth in the Revolution Avenue (former Bolshaya Dvorianskaya Street) in the garden between the Governor’s House and the Voronezh University Library.

Andrey Platonov (Klementov) was born in Voronezh on September 1, 1899. He changed many professions and did much for the benefit of the people as a gifted engineer and inventor, best known for the land-reclamation works led under his direction in the Voronezh Province.

As a poet and journalist he started his career in the Voronezh newspapers and his most important books were written about the Voronezh land and its people. Platonov is a universally acclaimed great philosophical writer of the 20th century Russian literature.

Voronezh Monument to Peter the First

The history of Voronezh is strongly related with the history of Russia. The building of the first Russian ships was started here by the leadership of Russian Tsar Peter the First.

They came down the river Don to the Sea of Azov to take their places in marine battles in the Southern borders of Russia. The monument of “Russian Fleet’s Father” Peter I was raised here in Voronezh in 1860.

Voronezh Koltsov Monument

One of the most popular and poetic places in Voronezh - Koltsov’s Garden is named after Alexey Koltsov, the famous author of Russian songs, ballads and a creator of “Meditations”, a collection of philosophical verses.

Augustino Triscorni, the sculptor from St. Petersburg, used Italian marble for the Koltsov’s bust unveiled in 1868. A. Koltsov, born in 1809 and thus Pushkin’s junior contemporary, was christened in Ilyinskaya Church.

Voronezh State Academic Koltsov Drama Theater, one of the oldest of the Russian theaters, first rang up the curtain in 1802.

Voronezh Piatnitsky Monument

In the center of Voronezh in Revolution Avenue (former Bolshaya Dvorianskaya Street), near the Officers Assembly there is Piatnitsky’s Monument.

Mitrofan Piatnitsky was a famous collector of Russian folk songs, an outstanding ethnographer and a founder of The Russian Folk Choir (1910) consisted of the peasants from Alexandrovka, a village in the Voronezh Province. This Choir was named the Piatnitsky’s Choir in 1927.

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Voronezh monuments

Nikitin monument in Voronezh

Nikitin monument in Voronezh

Author: Sergey Bobrov

Piatnitsky monument in Voronezh

Piatnitsky monument in Voronezh

Author: Igor Zvyaghin

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