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Voronezh churches

Annunciation Cathedral

The first stone in the foundation of Annunciation Cathedral was laid by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russians in 1998. In 2003, the monument to the First Bishop of the City of Voronezh the Holy Mitrofanios was erected in front of the Cathedral.

Akatov-Alexeyevsky Monastery

Address: 2, Osvobozhdeniya Truda (Liberation of Labor) Street.

The monastery was built in 1620 in tribute to the victory the citizens of Voronezh had had over the Lithuanians and the Ukrainian Cossacks on the commemoration day of Alexy I, the Moscow Metropolitan.

Initially the Monastery was called “The Alexeevsky Monastery on the okat”. Okat meant a gentle slope of the hill where, in front of the river Voronezh, the monastery was erected. Closed in 1931 by the atheistically-minded Bolsheviks it was turned into a nunnery in 1990.

The Bell Tower of the Akatov-Alexeyevsky Monastery

This is the oldest brick building in Voronezh dating back to 1674 and reproducing the architectural style of the Moscow Kremlin towers.

Ilyinskaya Church

Address: 2, Sevastiyanovsky Street.

The church was built in 1767-1771 on the top of the steep hill on the bank of the Voronezh River under the guidance of Alexey Bolkhovitinov, the cleric, the father of Yevgeny Bolkhovitinov (1767-1837), an outstanding figure of the Russian Enlightenment.

The Church was famous for the beauty of its interior, its ancient icons and wall paintings. From 1934 to 1998 there was a Depository of the Voronezh Region State Archives. Presently the Church has been restored and is known as one of the most beautiful temples in Voronezh.

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Voronezh churches

Akatov-Alexeyevsky Monastery in Voronezh

Akatov-Alexeyevsky Monastery in Voronezh

Author: Sarychev Sergei

Ilyinskaya Church in Voronezh

Ilyinskaya Church in Voronezh

Author: Constantin Silkin

Ilyinskaya Church in Voronezh

Ilyinskaya Church in Voronezh

Author: Averyanov Yuri

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