Saransk city, Russia

The capital city of Mordovia republic.

Saransk overview

Saransk is a city in the eastern part of Central Russia, the capital of the Republic of Mordovia, standing on both banks of the Insar River, 656 km southeast of Moscow (by road).

The population of Saransk is about 308,000 (2015), the area - 72 sq. km.

The phone code - +7 8342, the postal codes - 430000-430034.

Saransk city flag

Saransk city flag

Saransk city coat of arms

Saransk city coat of arms

Saransk city map, Russia

Saransk city map of Russia

Saransk history

Saransk was founded as a fortress in the south-eastern outskirts of the Russian kingdom in 1641. It was part of a large fortified line stretching from Belgorod to Simbirsk. The fortress was called Saransky Ostrozhek and was located on the bank of the Insar River, at the mouth of the Sarlat River (the Saranka River today).

The first inhabitants of the fortress were Cossacks, streltsy and gunners who came from the nearby towns, as well as people from the nearby villages. In 1651, Saransk become an administrative center of Saransk uyezd (county). After it, the settlement was called a town, although it received the official status of a town only in 1780. By the end of the 17th century, Saransk had a population of more than 4,000 people.

By the beginning of the 18th century, Saransk almost lost its military significance. The town gradually became a craft and trade center (grain, wood, leather, meat, honey) because of its advantageous geographical location - at the crossroads of paths that connected Astrakhan and Moscow, Crimea and Kazan.

More Historical Facts…

In July 1774, Emelyan Pugachev, the leader of the largest peasant uprising in the history of Russia, stayed in Saransk. It was a memorable moment in the history of the town. In 1785, Catherine II approved a new development plan of Saransk. By the beginning of the 19th century, the population of Saransk reached 7,400 people.

At the end of the 19th century, the Moscow-Kazan railway went through Saransk, which revived the economic and political life of the region. However, the town didn’t become a major industrial center. In the 19th century, the art school of K.A.Makarov (1828), a bank (1844), the first small power plant (1886), a paid public library (1893), a free public library (1899) were opened in the town. By the late 19th century, the local population reached 14,000 people.

During the Russian Civil War, Saransk was one of the centers of formation of military units of the Red Army. The war led to hunger, unemployment, a drop in production. A lot of factories were closed due to lack of fuel and raw materials. By 1927, most of the existing enterprises and workshops were restored, several new plants were opened. In 1930, a radical restructuring of Saransk began.

By 1935, forty five streets were provided with electricity. From 1927 to 1940, the industrial production output of Saransk increased more than 50 times. In 1934, the city became the capital of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Mordovia. About 17,000 inhabitants of Saransk fought on the fronts of the Second World War, more than 8,000 of them died.

In the postwar years, new industries were created: electrical, engineering, medical, food industry, production of building materials. In 1960, the construction of new residential areas began: the north-western district (known as Svetotehstroy today) and the south-western district. In 1965, the first trolley appeared in the city. By the 1970s-1980s, Saransk became a developed industrial center.

At the end of the 20th century, large economic and political changes took place in Saransk. In 1991, the city became the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. Most of the local enterprises were not ready to a market economy, which led to a significant decline in the socio-economic development of Saransk.

Economic recovery in the early 2000s revived the development of Saransk. September 29, 2012, Saransk was officially included in the list of the Russian cities that will host football matches of the World Cup 2018.

4 matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 were played in Saransk.

Saransk streets

Museum of Mordovian Culture in Saransk

Museum of Mordovian Culture in Saransk

Author: Alex Gorshkov

Saransk architecture - the House of Unions

Saransk architecture - the House of Unions

Author: Terentyev Vasily

Winter in Saransk

Winter in Saransk

Author: Yevgeny Patararkin

Saransk features

Saransk City Day is celebrated on June 12. The coat of arms of Saransk, an image of the running red fox beneath the three arrows, symbolizes the hunt - one of the main occupations of the indigenous population.

The climate is temperate continental, characterized by relatively cold, frosty winters and moderately hot summers. The average temperature in January is minus 11.8 degrees Celsius, in July - plus 19.2 degrees Celsius.

The main industries of Saransk economy: mechanical engineering, metalworking and instrumentation, lighting industry, electric power, nonferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, chemical, timber and wood industry, construction materials, light industry, and food industry.

Saransk public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses, mini vans, and taxis. Saransk airport offers regular flights to Moscow.

The city is an important cultural center of the Finno-Ugric peoples.

Race walking is a traditional sport in Saransk. Olympic Training Center of the Republic of Mordovia in race walking is located in the city.

Saransk places of interest

The main architectural monuments of Saransk are Church of St. John the Evangelist (Demokraticheskaya Street, 28), Three Saints Church (the second half of the 18th century, Moskovskaya Street, 48), Pugachev tent (Moskovskaya Street, 48).

Saransk museums

  • Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts named after S.D.Erzya (Kommunisticheskaya Street, 61),
  • Mordovian Republican Joint Local History Museum named after I.D.Voronin (Moskovskaya Street, 48),
  • The Museum of Military and Labor Heroism (1941-1945) (Sovetskaya Street, 34a),
  • International Friendship Museum (Botevgradskaya Street, 43),
  • The Museum of Mordovian Culture (Sovetskaya Street, 19),
  • The Museum of A.I. Polezhaev (Saranskaya Street, 51),
  • Fire Safety Museum (Furmanova Street, 15a.).

Saransk theaters

  • State Russian Drama Theater of the Republic of Mordovia (Sovetskaya Street, 60),
  • State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Mordovia (Volodarskogo Street, 90a),
  • Mordovian State National Drama Theater (Sovetskaya Street, 27),
  • State Musical Theater of the Republic of Mordovia named after I.M.Yaushev (Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street, 36).

Saransk monuments

  • The monument to Stratonavts at Railway Square,
  • The monument to the poet A.I.Polezhaev,
  • The monument to A.S.Pushkin,
  • The memorial complex to the soldiers of Mordovia, who fell in 1941-1945.

Saransk city of Russia photos

Saransk views

Chapel of Alexander Nevsky in Saransk

Chapel of Alexander Nevsky in Saransk

Author: Paul Beck

Saransk bus station

Saransk bus station

Author: Duduin Victor

Electronics store and apartment buildings in Saransk

Electronics store and apartment buildings in Saransk

Author: Sergey Borisov

Saransk sights

Lenin monument in Saransk

Lenin monument in Saransk

Author: Kudinov D.M.

Pushkin monument in Saransk

Pushkin monument in Saransk

Author: Vladimir Kropotin

Cathedral of Fyodor Ushakov in Saransk

Cathedral of Fyodor Ushakov in Saransk

Author: Aleksandr Dezhin

The questions of our visitors

Mostafa asks: How much does it cost to buy an apartment in Saransk in 2019?
Expert's answer:
I have checked the lists of apartments for sale in Saransk as of January 30, 2019. Most of the prices of new apartments with 1 living room are in the range of about 1,500,000-2,000,000 Rubles (25,000-30,000 USD).
Tatsuya asks: Free train for FunID holder are all booked already from Moscow on June 19. Is there any other alternatives? or paid train?
Expert's answer:
I have checked the timetable of all trains running from Moscow to Saransk and all of them are booked on June 18 (you need to leave Moscow on June 18 to be in Saransk on June 19 before the match). There are several tickets available on June 17 and a lot on June 16. You can check the timetable yourself. There are some flights available from Moscow but also not on June 19.
Walter asks: Hello again. How long it takes to travel from Moscow to Saransk by car? Is the road ok? can we trust google info?
Expert's answer:
It takes about 11 hours to go from Moscow to Saransk by car, the distance is about 689 km. We don't recommend long distance traveling around Russia by car. This is not safe, the quality of roads leaves much to be desired, plus drivers in Russia are not very disciplined. The safest and cheapest way is to go by train. Free trains will be available during the World Cup.

The comments of our visitors

Saransk, Russia
1. There are no tourist offices in Saransk.
2. You either stay in one of the two hotels, Saransk hotel in downtown, or the Park Hotel at the Zoopark about 1 km from downtown.
3. Or you have a family stay.
4. I stayed there for 3 months, may jun july 2010 with a family. They were terrific.

Under these circumstances, Saransk is a wonderful place to live. Readily available and inexpensive public transportation. If you have a car, not much traffic ever! And you can drive out to the country side for a picnic or visit friends at their datcha, or go to the beach. Or you can even drive to Moscow, Nizny Novgorod or Kazan.

If you have no car, which was my case, I took taxis in emergency..inexpensive. But mostly buses and vans. And the train to Volgograd and Moscow and St. Petersburg. The train is somewhat comfortable, but don't get excited about it. It is a LONG time in getting anywhere.

But you can go anywhere on the Russian trains. You bring your own food, water and maybe books. And bring pajamas or the like to sleep in. Hang up the clothes you wear normally. Slippers or sandals are necessary. NO boots or shoes are worn during the ride. Everyone puts on their soft sandals.

You may wish to have a towel and some toilet paper. And soap. When you use the washroom, the toilet paper and soap and water may be empty..although it is always checked aat the beginning of the ride. A set of earplugs would also help to sleep.

You need to understand or speak some Russian. Good luck. Saransk is worth the visit.

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