Adoption of Russian Children by Foreigners

Adoption in Russia

Adoption of Russian children by foreign citizens is allowed only in cases when they can’t be adopted by citizens of Russia permanently residing in the territory of the country or by their relatives irrespective of their citizenship and place of residence.

Adoption of Russian children is prohibited for citizens of the United States of America and foreign citizens who are registered in a marriage between persons of the same sex in accordance with the legislation of the state in which such marriage is permitted.

Russian Adoption

Features of adoption in Russia

Adoption is allowed only in the interests of children, taking into account the ethnic origin of the child, his/her belonging to a particular religion and culture, native language, the possibility of ensuring continuity in education, the opportunities to provide children with full physical, mental, spiritual, and moral development.

Legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for any restrictions for the adoption of children depending on their state of health. Adoption of brothers and sisters by different persons is not allowed, except for cases when adoption meets the interests of children. Foreign citizens who are married to citizens of the Russian Federation can adopt children in the order established for citizens of Russia.

Adoptive parents can be adults of both sexes. A child can be adopted by both spouses and one person who is or is not married. Persons who are not married to one another can’t jointly adopt the same child.

The procedure for adoption of children in the territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of the citizenship of the adoptive parents, is free of charge.

Intermediary activities for the adoption of children are not allowed on the territory of the Russian Federation. The mandatory personal participation of persons wishing to adopt a child in the adoption process does not deprive them of the right to have their representative at the same time, and also to use the services of an interpreter when necessary.

Confidential information about the child is provided only personally to the candidates for adoptive parents. Candidates for adoptive parents are also required to personally:

  • meet the child and establish contact with him/her,
  • get acquainted with the documents of the adopted child,
  • confirm in writing the fact of acquaintance with the medical report on the state of the child’s health.

The adoptive parents are obliged to register the child in the local consular establishment of the Russian Federation within three months after the date of entry of the adopted child into the state of their place of residence.

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