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Questions and answers:

Simon Murphy asks: What is the average monthly wage in Rostov-on-Don?
Expert's answer:
In 2009, the average monthly wage in Rostov-on-Don was about 17,200 Rubles.
saeed asks: hi dear mr/ms i like to know about living costs there, including the rate of renting an one-bed and two-bed apartment, also food, transportation, fun, etc.
Expert's answer:

The cost of living in Russia varies greatly depending on the region, but if look at an average provincial town (not Moscow, St. Petersburg or the cities located in the northern part of the country where the average prices are higher) we have the following picture.

Renting an apartment - about 200-400 USD per month; transportation - bus/trolleybus/minibus tickets cost about 20-30 Rubles, taxi - 150-300 Rubles; food - meet 200-300 Rubles/kilo, apples 50-100 Rubles, vodka 200+ Rubles/litre, movie theater ticket - 200+ Rubles.

The average income is about 20,000 Rubles, so 25,000-30,000 Rubles per month is enough, if you are not going to buy an apartment, car, etc.

henry asks: Hi. How Russia has a good tecnology for weapon and the heavy stuff, but doesn't have technology to made good cars like Germany for example?
Expert's answer:

The Soviet Union was a highly militarized state. The development of military technology and the accumulation of weapons was a top priority while the civilian sector of the economy was left on the sidelines. In the end, this became one of the reasons of the collapse of the USSR.

Today, Russia is mainly using and modernizing military technology of the late Soviet Union (created in the 1970s-1980s). In recent years, more active modernization of the army and introduction of new weapons began. As for developing of industries to create goods for everyday needs of people. Such a process is going on and much has been done, for example, in the production of food products, however, the overall trend towards the raw material orientation of the economy remains. It is much easier to extract oil and gas, other natural resources and sell them.

Nelson Arriagada asks: What is the importance of SOK Group in Samara? Do you have a picture of Svoboda Street in Samara?
Expert's answer:
"SOK" group was one of the largest companies in the Samara region.

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