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Questions and answers:

Mailes asks: Hey. How much cash money (minimum sum) I should have for my 80 days stay in Russia for crossing the border of Russia without problem? If there is minimum monetary support of the trip at august 2022
Expert's answer:
You can bring cash in an amount equivalent to no more than 10,000 USD into Russia without declaring it. This amount will be more than enough for you 80 days stay in the country. The minimum budget I think starts at about 5,000 USD, although you can spend even less. Most working people in Russia earn in the range of about 400-700 USD per month.
M V Rao asks: Visiting St Petersburg in May 2022. In present situation, should we carry dollars or rubles?
Expert's answer:
The main thing is that you should take cash with you, as your cards will not work in Russia. Cash dollars will be the best choice, there should be no problems with exchanging them for rubles in banks.

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