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Questions and answers:

georges asks: Hello. I see many newspapers sayed the Russian army almost fall down or finished by problems like alcohol or drugs or may be because many people doesn't loging to the Russian army? This is myth or truth?Thank you.
Expert's answer:

In general, the real power of the Russian Armed Forces is not high because of the following main reasons:

  • significant part of military equipment uses the technology of the late Soviet Union and is largely obsolete,
  • relatively low level of military training of soldiers and officers,
  • about half of all servicemen are people called up for compulsory military service,
  • such modern strategies as network-centric warfare are not widely used,
  • high level of corruption.

But of course it is still enough to fight against a country with a small army. The most dangerous thing remaining is a high number of ICBMs with nuclear warheads.

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