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Questions and answers:

victor paul asks: So is this a republic inside another collective republic, such as England in the UK?
Expert's answer:
Yes, the situation is looking similar, Tatarstan Republic has its own constitution, according to it, Tatarstan is a state united with Russia in the Russian Federation, both Russian and Tatar languages have equal rights in the republic.
georges asks: Hello. All governors of the subjects of Russia appointed by the federally? or the governors of oblasts only? Thank you all very much.
Expert's answer:
In general the procedure is: Russian president sends to the local parliament (of oblast, krai, republic, autonomous okrug) the information about what person he thinks should be the head of this region. The parliament accepts it or it can vote against (not happened even once because all parliaments in all regions have the majority of United Russia party, the party of the current regime) But if the parliament votes against the President can send another candidate, and another once more. If all three are rejected the President has the right to dissolve the local parliament.
sophie asks: When are the next votation for Kalmyk presidence? Who are the candidates?
Expert's answer:
In present day Russia there are no direct elections of the heads of the regions including all the republics. President of Russia decides who will be the head of the region. Here is the official site of Kalmykia Republic head and from 2011 there are no presidents in Russia except the President of Russia, other leaders like the one of Kalmykia have title Head of the region. The site is on Russian but can be translated by the following service.

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